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Train From Your Desk

Train from your desk, home, coffee shop, anywhere.

Training is a crucial part of any business, whether it is mandatory training to meet legal requirements or system and soft skills training, all businesses must think about training at some point. Despite being essential, training is often seen as a costly and time consuming endeavour, travel to attend courses can increase costs and employee time out of the office.

However, recent improvements in broadband capabilities and online training tools has meant that online training is as rich an experience as classroom based training. When employees attend an online training course with us they get the benefits of a training course, but without the need to travel or take extra time out of the office.

Users attend the training from their desk (this could be in their office or at home!), all users need is a broadband connection, a computer and speakers. Our Training Course Experience Team will make contact at the point of booking to ensure that anyone attending an online course will get a top-quality learning experience.

User Experience

Our trainers will make sure that you get enough breaks during a session to ensure that you have a good experience our courses 4 hours per day MAX.


We will help you carry out checks and tests to make sure that your equipment and crucially your broad band speed is fast enough to ensure that you have a reliable connection.


Our guarantee is simple if on the day(within the first hour) you decide that your experience was less than perfect we can either reschedule or refund your fee – simple.


We recommend that you have at least two monitors. One to watch the trainer and one to practise the labs. We can supply you with a laptop and a monitor (deposit required).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do i need to take part?

In order to train from your desk, you need: a stable internet connection, speakers or a headset and finally a desktop or laptop to take part in the practicals.

Is this a recording that will be played back to us?

Absolutely not. This is a live delivery by a real trainer and in real time.

Will there be delegates in the classroom with the trainer?

No – our Train from your Desk courses are exclusively for remote delegates.

Can I ask questions?

Yes please! Our trainers are fully experienced in delivering online training and we pride ourselves in making the experience very inclusive.

What happens if there is a technical malfunction?

You will be contacted at the point of booking by one or our Course Experience Team to make sure your equipment meets our criteria and to ensure you get a top-quality training experience on the day.

If the technical fault is on our side the course will either be re-run at another date, or a pro-rata refund will be provided for parts of the course that you were unable to complete.

What’s the experience like?

It’s almost the same as being in a classroom. You will be able to see the trainer and any slides they are using. If the trainer users a white board to draw diagrams you will be able to see them. On technical courses you will be given a site to login to. Allowing you to complete hands-on labs.

The only difference is instead of having to travel to us, you do the course at a place of your choosing (e.g. your desk in the office or at home!).

What happens after the course?

Sometimes it is only when the training is finished and you are back in the office do you realise there were some specific questions you didn’t ask during the training.

We’ll be updating this section as more questions arise but please feel free to call us and talk about this very exciting Training product.

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